Fabric Adhesive 1 PtU500PT-GRN

Price: $16.11




Thin with acetone to a brushable viscosity. Typically 2 parts U500 to 1 part acetone for the airframe, and 2-3 parts Acetone to 1 part U500 for the fabric and tapes.


Thoroughly read and understand all product instructions.  Failure to do so may result in personal injury or your airplane could be deemed unairworthy by the FAA.


When using the Superflite chemicals:

Wear protective clothing.  Failure to wear protective clothing may result in skin irritation, burns or rashes, as well as damage to the clothing.

Wear protective gloves.  Failure to wear protective gloves may result in skin irritation, burns, or rashes.  Always wash your hands thoroughly before touching other areas of the body, other people, or areas of the coating that may be sensitive to foreign substances.

Wear eye protection.  Failure to wear eye protection may result in serious injury or blindness.  Always have eye wash available.

Wear a dust mask.  Inhaling fine dust, airborne particles, and chemical vapors may result in respiratory problems.

With some of the Superflite chemicals (the epoxy primer, epoxy varnish, fabric primer, and topcoat) it is necessary to wear a fresh air breathing system.  Failure to do so when spraying the mentioned substances may result in injury to the eyes and/or respiratory system.


Note:  You must use a ventilated spray booth for spraying all primers and paints containing isocyanates.


Protective Gear

One of the most important questions to address before recovering the airplane is: what protective clothing and gear do you need?  During the process of recovering your plane, you will be using potentially dangerous chemicals.  The correct protective apparel is essential for minimizing health risks and for creating a safe work environment.  Consider using the following protective items during the recovering process:  respirator system, invisible or latex gloves, safety goggles, and Tyvek suits.

Shipping and Returns

Return Goods

Returned goods must have been originally purchased from Superflite and returned to us in new unopened condition, in their original packaging within thirty (30) days from the invoice date.

Please package the return goods in a proper shipping box to protect the integrity of the original package and items.


All returned goods require a Return Material Authorization (RMA) be issued in advance of the return. RMA’s can be obtained by contacting a Superflite Customer Service Representative. Items returned without an RMA will not be processed and will be returned to you at your expense. You MUST call Superflite before returning anything.


All returned goods are subject to a restocking and handling charge of up to 25%.


If the parts or products were “Special Order” the return is subject to the manufacturer’s willingness to accept the product back. The return is also subject to any manufacturers handling charge plus a restocking fee.


All Superflite paints/topcoats are mixed as ordered. If a color other than those offered on the

Superflite color chart is ordered and mixed, it cannot be returned, nor will it be refunded. If there

is a discrepancy with the color ordered and received, it must be reported within seven (7) days for a return or refund to even be considered.


No restocking fee will be charged on returns resulting from our error. All return freight must be prepaid.

If returned goods are lost or damaged in transit to Superflite, you must submit the claim against your carrier.



Any warranty covering products sold by Superflite is that of the manufacturer, Superflite.


Manufacturers items purchased through Superflite may be processed through Superflite.


Any non-compliance or usage of a Superflite product in a method not approved by Superflite voids all warranties, expressed or implied.


All warranty claims require a Return Material Authorization (RMA) be issued in advance. RMA’s can be obtained by contacting a Superflite Customer Service Representative. Warranty claims without an RMA will not be processed and will be returned to you at your expense. Please include the RMA with your return copy of the invoice or packing list.



All Superflite chemical or “wet goods” orders ship ORMD via UPS Ground.  Superflite will NOT ship any “wet goods” via air freight or USPS.

Fabric and tapes will ship via the method of the customer’s choosing.  The only exception is USPS – the fabric cannot ship via the Postal Service because of sizing regulations.


International Shipping

Superflite will ship into Canada via UPS Ground.  With all other countries, Superflite will ship product to a freight forwarder (of the customer’s choosing) within the US.  Superflite does not provide any kind of HAZMAT declarations for overseas shipping.


Alaska and Hawaii

Superflite does not ship product to Alaska or Hawaii.  Please see our list of approved distributors and dealers for companies selling the Superflite product within those states.