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Does Superflite make its own fabric?

Yes.  Superflite is one of only two covering system manufacturers that also makes its own fabric & tapes.  There are three different types of fabric currently made at Superflite - the 101 heavyweight fabric, the 102 medium weight fabric, and the 104 light weight fabric.  The 101 and 102 fabrics are FAA approved and can be used on certified airplanes.  The 104 fabric is meant for ultralights and experimental airplanes only.  Superflite also makes a wide variety of surface tapes - light weight, medium weight, pinked edge, straight edge, bias cut, and pre shrunk.  Superflite is currently the ONLY manufacturer of pre shrunk tapes.

What type of finishing systems does Superflite manufacture?

Superflite currently offers two FAA-approved finishing systems.  System I is the butyrate dope system - it consists of a nitrate fabric filler, silver UV protection, and a tinted butyrate topcoat.  System VI is the urethane system - it consists of a urethane primer, which acts as your filler and your UV protection, and a urethane topcoat.  Both systems use the same fabric covering, tapes, and glue.
How easy is it to cover your own airplane?

Very easy!  Almost all covering & finishing systems on the market today are designed for the individual to use.  Superflite provides excellent instructional tools and technical support.  An A&P or an AI will typically supervise your work for a fee and then fill out your paperwork if your work meets his/her approval.
What is the cost for materials on a Superflite covering kit?

For a Cub-sized airplane:
If using the dope system (System I), budget about $4000 for the entire kit.  If using the urethane system (System VI), budget about $3400 for the entire kit.  These prices don't include shipping costs and might vary based on the topcoat color your choose.
For an exact quote on your airplane, call Superflite at 800-323-0611 or email the sales department.
How long will it take me to restore and recover my airplane?

If you have the time to work on the project at least 40 hours a week, you can have it covered and painted within a month.  For the fabric & paint work alone, budget about 200 hours for an average-sized airplane.
Is it easy to make a fabric repair?

Repairs are fairly easy with either of Superflite's covering systems.  With System I, the area to be patched need to be sanded down to the bare fabric.  Glue the fabric patch in place, and then reapply the nitrate, silver, and topcoat.  With System VI, just scuff the area to be patched.  Urethanes are incredibly hard to sand, so glue the patch directly to the paint.  Once the patch is attached, reapply primer and paint.

Please call Superflite with any questions not on this list.  We'll be happy to answer any questions you might have about fabric covering.