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Since 1949 Superflite has been manufacturing and developing paint systems for fabric covered aircraft.  We started with traditional nitrate and butyrate products over Irish Linen and Grade A cotton.  New technology brought us to polyester heat-shrinkable fabric and our all-urethane system.  All of our products are FAA-approved and STCs are available for most aircraft models.  Aircraft owners and operators around the world have long been familiar with Superflite's fine reputation for quality products and service.

Currently Superflite provides fabric covering and finishing materials for a number of experimental and certificated aircraft.  We continue to manufacture the traditional  butyrate dope in addition to our urethane system.  Superflite's System VI has becom extremely popular, particularly with kit builders, because of its easy application and high gloss finish.

As general aviation moves more toward light sport, composite, and metal aircraft, Superflite will continue its work to manufacture the best possible covering system or finish system for your aircraft.  Stay tuned for further development in the metal and composite arena.