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Superflite Airport Quality Windsocks and Frames          

Superflite airport quality windsocks are made to comply with all FAA and State Aeronautical Commission specifications.  They are made from high strength vinyl-impregnated nylon fabric.  All seams are double-stitched, and the grommets are of the highest grade.  They are durable and resistant to abrasion, water, most oils and chemicals, grease, and rot and mildew.  The Superflite windsocks are great for hospitals, chemical plants and refineries, heli-pads, offshore oil rigs, and of course, airports.

The Superflite windsocks are economical and designed to give maximum life.  Superflite windsocks are manufactured from fabric which meets military specification (mil-spec) MIL-C-43006D Type II, Class 2.  The Superflite windsocks are constructed in compliance with FAA Advisory Circular 150/5345-27D.

The Superflite windsock frames are made of welded steel for strength and painted for corrosion resistance.  The frames include two-inch ball bearings for smooth easy movement.  Simple to mount and threaded to fit a 3/4" water pipe coupling.  The extended windsock frames act as a windvane, turning into the wind.  It holds to windsock open to ready to the slightest wind.  The lighted extended frame is internally lighted to make the windsock "glow in the dark" for maximum visibility.  The unique design allows a full 360 swivel without twisting the wires.