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Superflite  Aircraft Engine Enamel

Fast drying engine enamels developed specifically for air cooled aircraft engines used in the light duty aviation industries. Superflite enamels feature superior adhesion, high gloss finish and heat resistance.
Quarts: May be used as supplied or for best spray add 10-15% enamel reducer by volume just prior to application. When properly covered at 77F, Superflite enamel will maintain a sprayable viscosity for an indefinite period of time. May be applied to properly treated steel or aluminum, epoxy primers and etching primers. Pretreat surfaces by washing with mild detergent rinsing well with water. Dry, sand featheredge surface, and wipe with
Superwash cleaner. Apply 1-3 coats, medium wet to wet, overlap 50% waiting 5-10 minutes or until surface is dry for repeat coatings. Application conditions require a minimum temperature of 50F, maximum temperature of 100F with less than 80% humidity preferred. Sold in quarts only in TCM Gold, Lycoming Grey or High Gloss Black.
Aerosol: Convenient 12 ounce aerosol cans feature the same properties as the quart cans. Superflite cans are designed for complete spray-out; no leftover paint in the can. Spray colors are also a perfect match to the Lycoming Grey and Continental Gold.