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System VI

Everything you need, in small quantities, to try out the Superflite urethane system.

Superflite is the originator of the all-urethane aircraft covering system.  In 1983, Superflite received the first FAA-approval on its urethane primer and paint, then called System II.  In the late 1990's, Superflite lowered the VOC content in its urethane to meet EPA standards, and System II became the current System VI.   Color matching to a competitve paint code is available for the urethane system.  In addition, the urethane paint can be used on fabric and metal - providing not only a color match on the entire plane, but a finish match as well.  Superflite has a variety of kits available in System VI - call for your quote today! 

Superflite has everything you need to finish your aircraft with the urethane process.  Check out the System VI kits Superflite has available for your plane.

When searching for information about Superflite's System VI, look for the new Superflite Gee Bee.  This is the designated


"mascot" for the Superflite urethane system.  If you come across the Gee Bee, you'll know you're reading about Superflite System VI, the urethane system.

System VI Tip of the Day:

If you're having trouble with pinholing in the primer, sand the surface, add more reducer to the primer, and spray it again.


 Benefits of the Superflite Urethane:

  • provides a shiny & durable show finish with little effort
  • easy to apply and easy to repair
  • urethane paint can be used on fabric AND metal
  • it's FAA-approved