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System I
Butyrate Dope

System I is Superflite's original FAA-approved aircraft covering system.  When the company started in 1949, System I, the butyrate dope system, was THE covering system for your airplane.  At the time, it was a tautening dope system and was applied to cotton and linen.  Since that time, polyester fabric have been developed, and the Superflite dope is no longer tautening.  It still consists of a nitrate filler, silver, and a butyrate topcoat - but it's much easier to apply!  Superflite System I is perfect for a vintage or classic airplane - call us for a kit quote today!

When searching for information about Superflite's System I, look for the new
Superflite Travel Air.  This is the designated "mascot" for the Superflite butyrate dope system.  If you come across the Travel Air, you'll know you're reading about Superflite System I, the butyrate dope system.


Superflite has everything you need to cover & finish your airplane in butyrate dope.  Check out the System I covering kits Superflite has available for your aircraft.

Forgot a mixing ratio or a gun setting?  The System I Tech Data sheets have the info you need if you've misplaced your manual.

System I Tip of the Day:

To get more of a gloss out of your dope topcoat , thin the color with retarder (p/n 132).  Using the retarding thinner helps slow dow the dry time on the topcoat, allowing more product to soak into the fabric and giving it a glossier finish.


Benefits of using Superflite Butyrate Dope:

  • provides a great classic finish
  •  no fresh air breathing system required
  •  it can be rejuvenated
  •  it's FAA-approved